Book an Appointment

To book an appointment please call reception between 9am and 4pm weekdays, or Email.
Please indicate whether you would prefer to be seen in the rooms, online or by phone.

We have urgent appointments for new injuries.

Call: (02) 6281-5999


Online Consultation

  1. You will require a device with camera and audio capabilities, such as a tablet computer or smartphone with internet capabilities.
  2. To ensure your call is optimal:
    • Use strong Wifi or an Ethernet Cable
    • Close unused programs
    • Update to latest version of browser
  3. Headphones are recommended to prevent echo.
  4. Prior to your consultation a link will be sent to you via email. (No download will be required)
  5. Please connect to the link prior to your consultation time.
  6. Enter your name and allow access to camera and microphone.
  7. You will automatically be placed into the virtual waiting room and Dr Bisley will see you when she is available.

Phone Consultation

Phone consultation is for those without suitable online capabilities

In Person Consultation (Available)