Keep Active - Adults

Walking, running and cycling are good forms of activity that can be performed on your own or with another person. Remember to keep your distance.

Don't lose your skills. Whatever sport you play work within your boundaries. This may be kicking a ball around your back yard, hitting balls against walls or shooting hoops.

It is also important to maintain your strength and flexibility.

If you want to exercise at home, you may want to set up a home gym. This can be performed using elastic bands, Swiss balls, a sawhorse, piano stool, camping mats, a skipping rope. Bottles full of sand, rocks or water can act as your weights.

If you don't have an exercise bike, consider putting your bike up on blocks or use a bike trainer stand. If this is too boring, find a film of the "Tour de France" or another cycling tour to watch while you are cycling.

There are many online Yoga and Pilates classes available. Some practitioners are performing Telehealth classes.

Many gyms are offering online classes.

Gardening is a good form of exercise and you may have more time to get your garden tidy.

If you wish to know more online appointment and discuss how to start.